A Satellite Dish Inclination Gauge (protractor) for Kev

Kev at work wanted a way to align the satellite on his caravan better; depending on his location in the country it needed to be a different inclination. I threw together this little quarter circle protractor with pointer using Alibre, then exported it as a .dxf to the laser cutter.

Cut in translucent 3mm acrylic, the etching’s come out really nicely. The large lines divide the 90° segment into 10° divisions and the smaller ones subdivide into 2° divisions. (click the image to biggerate)

(more pictures after the break)

Another photo:

A screenshot of the parts in Alibre:

From this view they were made into a drawing which can then be exported as a .dxf file, which the laser cutter will accept and then cut. The angle marks were selected and etched and the rest were made as cuts, with the circles first so the parts wouldn’t move before being cut. The whole lot was then bolted together with an M3 bolt, two washers and two nuts.

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