SSOP Package Photography

I had to layout a 28-pin SSOP package in EasyPC (a PCB design package) at work today so that I could include it in a PCB for a new instrument we’re designing. To check the layout was correct I printed it out to offer it up against the chip.

Amazed at the teeny tinyness of the thing, I had a shot at taking photographs of it down the microscope in my lunch break. You can see the dots of the printer where the pads will be next to the pins.

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The IC in question is a MAX1402 A2D convertor, this package has a pin spacing of 0.65mm! No wonder you can see the dots from the laser printer next to the pins when magnified enough to get a look at the pins. Looking at the above picture our microscope could do with a clean.

I also managed to get quite a nice shot of the chip as a whole through the microscope, zoomed out as far as it would go and then cropped to remove the black surround.

And here’s a shot without the microscope with a steel rule to give an idea of scale.

  1. That is amazing what all they can fit into such a tiny package! What camera did you use to take that photograph?

  2. A Samsung PL60. Just a mid-range point and shoot.

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