WordPress Plugin Subscribe2: Removing the “Unsubscribe” button.

I wanted a way to allow visitors to my blog to subscribe to it and get email notifications when I updated it with something new. Subscribe2, a plugin available on the WordPress site seemed like just the ticket. It installed easily and worked well with no tweaking, however I didn’t like unsightly “Unsubscribe” button that it added with the subscribe button.

Having looked around online I couldn’t find a tutorial or post on how to remove it, so decided to work it out myself and post this here in case anyone else had the same problem.

Having installed Subscribe2 you can find the files for it in /wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/. Download subscribe2.php and open it up in a text editor.

To remove the button from the widget and template page you need to delete a bit of code. In the version I have it’s on line 95, though it’s probably easier to search for the start of the line since the line could change in later versions. Search for “$this->form“. This line has the fields and buttons for subscribing.

Copy and paste the line so you have it twice then comment one out (in case you want to change back later). Near the end of the line, delete “<input type=\”submit\” name=\”unsubscribe\” value=\”" . __(‘Unsubscribe’, ‘subscribe2′) . “\” />” from the uncommented line.

Save it and upload it back into the same directory you got it from. This change should update the form in the template page and the widget in the sidebar since the widget just loads the page. It should now look like this:

Subscribe2 Sidebar Widget

  1. That should really be an option in the plugin, or perhaps the default setting.

  2. Thank you, exactly what we needed. Having the unsubscribe on the Page with the subscription options is fine, but having it included in the widget just seems discouraging.

  3. Thanks, glad it was helpful.

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