Monthly Archives: October 2010

LPC3250 VGA Touchscreen Kit Dimensions & Pictures

I got a new microcontroller to play with at work this week. The LPC3250 touchscreen development kit we ordered from Mouser was developed by Future Development Inc and has a 266MHz ARM9 processor and a 5.7″ touchscreen. We wanted it as theĀ  display and input device for a new viscometer we’re working on. We expected it’d be a tight fit, and couldn’t find dimensions for the boards _anywhere_ on the net, but got it anyway to have a look. If it fits it’d be perfect for what we want.

Since it has now arrived I thought I’d post some dimensions for anyone else that was looking for them, as well as some pictures of angles the datasheets on FDI’s/Mouser’s/NXP’s websites don’t show.

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Laser Cut Acrylic Chess Board

This is a project I did in July with my friend Jake.

Cut from 5mm frosted acrylic the squares were defined by surrounding slots with radiused ends. The white squares were highlighted by etching away a layer from the acrylic.

The results I think look pretty slick, especially when you add in the slotted acrylic pieces Jake designed and brought along to the meet to be cut. (More pictures and details below)


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