LPC3250 VGA Touchscreen Kit Dimensions & Pictures

I got a new microcontroller to play with at work this week. The LPC3250 touchscreen development kit we ordered from Mouser was developed by Future Development Inc and has a 266MHz ARM9 processor and a 5.7″ touchscreen. We wanted it as theĀ  display and input device for a new viscometer we’re working on. We expected it’d be a tight fit, and couldn’t find dimensions for the boards _anywhere_ on the net, but got it anyway to have a look. If it fits it’d be perfect for what we want.

Since it has now arrived I thought I’d post some dimensions for anyone else that was looking for them, as well as some pictures of angles the datasheets on FDI’s/Mouser’s/NXP’s websites don’t show.

Out the box the dev board’s far too big for the slot we’d like it to fit into. To squeeze it into the gap available at the front of our machine the touch screen will have to come off, slide in and have the LCD carrier PCB and CPU carrier PCB mounted near it at an angle. Since I know it’s going to get a beating, being offered up, measured, left lying around in the workshop, the first thing I did was cut an acrylic cover for the back. It comes with PCB mounts for mounting, so the new frosted cover should keep any of the components or tracks getting knocked around.

And here’s a photo of the disassembled component boards. Try taking it apart yourself… it’s assembled in the most backward way imaginable. You’ll see if you get one. Clockwise from top right: CPU carrier PCB (with SOMDIMM board containing the LPC3250), LCD carrier PCB, 5.7″ LCD Touchscreen.

CPU carrier PCB – 122mm (w) x 150mm (l)
LCD carrier PCB – 133mm (w) x 150mm (l)
5.7″ LCD Touchscreen. – 104mm (w) x 144mm (l) x 13mm (d)

And lastly, beware the brown connector on the rear of the LCD carrier PCB that connects the white LCD screen ribbon cable to the board while disassembling. So much as breath on it and it will disintigrate. Pictured below… (it’s under the carefully sculpted duct tape).

  1. Don’t buy it, the supports terrible.

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