2 in 1 Cupcake Stand and Stencil

This is something I designed and laser cut having bought Jess some silicone cupcake cases as part of her Christmas present.

Laser cut from 5mm acrylic its purpose is dual. The patterns on top act as stencils for sprinkling icing sugar, sprinkles, colouring spray or cocoa powder onto the top of iced cupcakes. It also fits inside a standard 25cm round cake tin and the stands that slot together to go with it sit on the bottom of the tin to hold the stencil in the middle, allowing you to store a second layer of cupcakes without fouling the icing of the layer below.

Cupcake Stand/Stencil

Cupcake Stand/Stencil

The stands also aid in icing. Placing the stencil on the stands on a table allows you to place cupcakes underneath and stencil them either 1 or 5 at a time! If your cupcakes are particularly dumpy, the base of the fourth stand can be removed and used to raise a cupcake 5mm closer to the stencil, giving you a better defined pattern than if it was lower. (If they’re REALLY lacking in stature, the upright could also be added to the stack)

The two holes in the middle are finger holes to allow you to pick it out of the tin more easily once you’ve removed a layer of cupcakes, though there’s plenty of space there for it to be another pattern instead on a future version.

Cupcake Stand/Stencil

The stencil/stand was designed in 3d in Alibre to check it would all fit together. The 3 parts were then exported to .dxf files to be laser cut.

Want one? I want these tested and need some awesome photos before I try to sell some for real. For £20 I’ll ship you one to anywhere in the world. If you send me back some awesome photos of it in use with finished, iced cupcakes, I’ll refund everything but the postage cost. Send me an email or leave a comment.

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