Custom Meeple – Carcassonne Game Pieces

The last few times I’ve been back to where I went to University to visit my friends they’ve all been massively enthusiastic about a game called Carcassonne. Players take turns placing cardboard tiles and claiming them with meeple (the little wooden people that come with the game) to build castles, roads and farms to score points. Their one problem with the game is the lack of available colours of meeple which limits the number of players. The original game comes with 5 colours, plus an extra one if you buy one of the extensions. With the amount of game tiles available when you have more of the extensions, there’s plenty of scope for extra players, but no extra colours of meeple.

These are a set of meeple I laser cut from 10mm clear acrylic. It includes the standard sized meeple and a mega meeple, builder and pig from two of the extensions. With all of the colours of acrylic available (over 20) there’d be plenty to choose from! I’m currently looking for somewhere that will sell me lots of colours in sheets less than 2 x 3m, then I can start making some different colours.

(More pictures and details after the break)

The outlines were made by scanning the game pieces. I then had a friend use Inkscape to turn the image from the scanner into outlines and save them as .dxf files. When imported into the laser cutter software they could be scaled to the correct size using the heights of the pieces I measured. They won’t be perfectly the same size as the originals, since they all vary by +/- 0.5mm anyway, but they come close. Those in the pictures are slightly undersized as I didn’t have a set of pieces with me when I laser cut them so guessed at 16mm, they should have been slightly larger to allow for twice the laser cutter’s kerf. Close! The sizes are as follows:

Normal Meeple: 16mm
Mega Meeple:     19mm
Builder:                 20mm
Pig:                         14mm

Here’s a preview of the outlines, I’ll upload the .dxf files for download when I post pictures of the multiple colour versions soon. If you know of somewhere I can buy small quantities of 10mm acrylic please let me know!

And a photo of one of my transparent meeple next to a standard meeple. A tiny bit shorter and a wee bit chubbier.

Want some? Leave me a comment or send me an email. What colours would you most like if you could choose ANY colour to have as your custom meeple colour?

  1. Where do you find over 20 colors of acrylic? Our sources for (other than white/black/red) acrylic are drying up. Apparently sign-makers are going with the 3 standard colors, and using laminates to make up other colors much cheaper than colored translucent acrylic

  2. Dave,

    I wrote this post before I had started making these in vain. I soon found that what suppliers like Plastics Direct and Amari said they had differed greatly from what they could get. Like you I found black, white and clear easy to get hold of. Other colours I’ve found really hard to get hold of, most suppliers I’ve contacted have no stock of 10mm acrylic in the colours available in 3mm, saying that they only ever sell them in quantities of 2 tonnes or more. I managed to find some pink 10mm acrylic, but nothing other than that. Let me know if you find any!


  3. iadoremyhusband

    I just came across this in my search for unique meeples. I love, love, love the pink ones. Do you still these available. I know this was posted along time ago, but it never hurts to ask. I might also be interested in other colors if you have others available as well.

  4. Sorry, I’ve stopped doing them for now, the finish wasn’t very repeatable. If I get access to a more powerful laser cutter I might start again.

  5. iadoremyhusband

    Okay, thanks anyway. Feel free to let me know if they become available. Do you play Carcassonne? We just got it for Christmas and love it!

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