A page of files for download, mostly DXF and Alibre files but also some Perl. This is permanent place to find them quicker than looking for the original post I mentioned them in.


Jenga Pistol (link) (CAD)(DXF)
Carcassonne Storage Chest (link) (DXF)
Acrylic Chess Board (link) (DXF)


Embed Instructables on your website (link) (PHP)(PHP for wordpress)

  1. Themed Carcassonne Storage Chest | RedToRope - pingback on December 25, 2011 at 09:23
  2. Please, please, please can you upload your Carcassonne box files? I have a friend’s birthday coming up and this would be amazing! Would be willing to PayPal you a donation to speed you along…

  3. No need to donate. I’ve emailed you the files. Be sure to send me some photos when you’re done!

  4. Hey! Would it be possible for you to send me the files for the Carcassonne box as well? I also have a friend’s birthday coming up and she totally loves Carcassonne so I’d love to try to make this for her! :smile:
    I’ll happily send some pics if and when I manage to finish it :grin: . Thanks a lot!!! :grin:

  5. @bluemoon – sent! Sorry for the delay.

  6. Your carcassone box looks wonderful, I’ve been trying to find one for ages. Would it be possible for you to e-mail me the box files, I would be most grateful. :grin:

  7. The Carcassonne box is beautiful! My wife and I are huge fans of the game and your design and we’d love to make one for ourselves!

    Is it possible for you to send me the DXF? Unfortunately, the file link 404s at the moment.

    Thank you so much! :D

  8. I’ve emailed it to you. Thanks for your comment :)

  9. Do you still have the files for this? Please send if you do.


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