Laser Cutting

I now offer a laser cutting service at competitive prices with free advice and quotes as well as a fast turn around and high attention to detail. Leave a comment below and I will contact you.

- MDF (1-5mm)
- Birch Plywood (1-5mm)
- Wood Veneers
- Acrylic/Perspex (1-10mm)
- Leather (1-3mm)
- Engraving laminates (0.5-2mm)
- Paper
- Fabrics
- Cardboard

Electronics Panels & Signage:
Laser etchable engraving laminates give fantastic results for panels for electronics projects as well as small custom signs. A wide selection of colours and finishes are available and a high level of detail is easily achievable. Feature sizes as small as 0.5mm are possible and fonts are legible down to 2mm height.

File Formats:
I can accept .dxf and .svg files for easiest laser cutting. 3D CAD files may also be provided for processing, or if you’ve just a simple sketch you’d like designing, scan or photograph it and send it over and I’ll let you know what I can do.

  1. Hi!
    I was wondering if there was a chance you would be willing to make / send me a single clear acrylic Meeple for carcassonne?


  2. Are you still taking orders for parts? I have a couple parts for a research project that I would love to have made.

    I can provide a DXF or any other format you need. Also, money.


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