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Themed Carcassonne Storage Chest

Carcassonne is a tile based castle building board game. After bringing my large set (the main game with 3 of the extensions) with me to my parent’s house when I visited last Christmas, my sister loved it so I bought her the main game for her birthday later in the year.

This Christmas, I bought her one of the extensions she didn’t already have by now. I thought it’d also be nice to make her something to keep all the parts in as once you have more than 3 extensions it becomes a bit of a struggle to get all of the pieces into the original box, even with the cardboard padding removed. I set out to design and make her a themed wooden Carcassonne storage chest.

Themed Carcassonne Storage Chest

A wooden storage chest for the board game Carcassonne

Themed Carcassonne Storage Chest

Front of the box with removable tile tray

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Carcassonne Meeple DXF/SVG Outlines, and Pink and Black Acrylic Meeple

The sheets of 10mm pink and black acrylic that I ordered arrived today. I thought I’d take the chance to post some pictures of the finished pink and black meeple as well as upload the outlines for the sets as .SVG and .DXF files. I also cut a few sets of each and threw them on ebay here.

The black, named as “Jet” on ebay to differentiate them from the normal wooden black ones, since they’re nice and shiny:

Jet Carcassonne Meeple

And a picture of the pink ones:

Pink Acrylic Carcassonne Meeple

And as promised, the DXF and SVG files. The DXF for importing neatly into most laser cutter software and the SVG in case you want to play with them in Inkscape or use them with Ponoko (though they don’t offer any 10mm acrylic).