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DIY 47mm Acrylic Whatman Filter Plates

We use a couple of glass 3 piece Whatman filter funnels in the lab at work to filter used oil samples before testing. A glass fibre filter paper is supported by an acrylic plate and samples are drawn through it into a vacuum flask below. When someone decided it was a good idea to clean the acrylic plate in acetone, it was wrecked and our labware supplier wanted £40 for a new 47mm Whatman filter plate.

Being just a piece of acrylic with a few dozen small holes in it Lizzy suggested I laser cut a new one rather than us paying for and waiting for it. The resulting plate was usable the same day and at a tenth of the cost. It works just as well! If you want one, leave a comment.

Photos and files after the break.

47mm Whatman Filter

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